Monday, March 22, 2010

India Gate & UPSC k baahar wali chaat ...yumma yumma!:D

Wnt 2 fill petrol in my honda dio..Kunwar ws driving=asked whr v wud go..i sd India Gate.Whn I continued back seat driving, he handed over the scooter 2 me at Prithviraj road:D. I impulsively stopped at UPSC chaat wht fun we two had papri n tikki chaat with Lassi.India Gate pe Icecream khai fruit n nuts wli chocobar..hd gr8 fun..:D achanak ek hijra aya ..Kunwar n i dint realize he ws hijra n got up to leave the place . whn he persisted Kunwar gave him lots of money..n hijra sd sundar joda bana rahe etc..i promptly sd "hamei bachcha chaiye" he stopped n came back to bless me .."sundar bete hoga"(touchwood) south indian hijra tha!

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