Monday, August 6, 2012

Life's Purpose

I was skimming channels yesterday (sunday) and came across DD1's Upanishad Ganga -it was being shown as a stage drama. A king is shown mourning the death of his kid.Narad Rishi invokes the "jeevatma" of the young child and asks it to return to this dead body to alleviate the great pain of the heartbroken king and queen. What the Jeevatma then said really shook me and my husband up. He said-" I have had thousands of parents through my endless cycle of births and deaths, why should I appease just these two?These two may have been my parents in other lives too. I don't even remember since which life/janma, I became their son.So I will not re-enter the body of the child."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Visiting old days

I feel like i am headed the wrong way.sab aage ja rahe hain,main peeche ja rahi hu:(

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jai Brihaspati Deva!

Today after a gap of 1month, I was determined to fast for Guru Brihaspati jee.I got up at 6:30am but slept in. I am facing the repercussions now.Fiber is cut between AG office and Airtel Infocity.More than 4 hours have passed but no reprieve is in sight. I can easily blame the FRT but I know its my fault and mine alone.I will fast on Thursdays and thank the lord for his lovely gifts.Thank you God!Please help me today!

Monday, September 27, 2010

House for Us!!

I have to look at some layouts and floor plans to construct a house at our dehradun plot.Touchwood!I wonder when shall we be able to live there:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teacher's glory

My husband called and told me how he brought the house down in 1st year students' welcome party. He is the most popular faculty member in his department. I wonder how it would feel to be in his shoes. A teacher's job is demanding and he avoids watching odd serials with me at home.His spectacles number is increasing however!
I will do something worthwhile during my spare time.I have read many books and watched many tv serials.I read 3 newspapers a day- Economic Times, TOI and Indian Express.
In college my classmates used to ask how I knew so much about Anand Mahindra's beautiful wife and Kajol's gorgeous grand mother- all this stuff is redundant anyways!!Useless stuff!
I am just trying to find me a guru who will teach me how to Paint!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink nail paint

Looking for pink nail paint.

I like it here. Life is very cool and I am able to enjoy the slowly passing days and nights.I have a great companion. We are in the same room, he is on his PC and I am reading a book; if I go out to drink water or turn on the TV, he is disturbed and the same thing happens if he dashes out to speak to the friendly neighbours and their kids - I feel lost, abandoned even.

When you get married, you regard the other half as a different individual-you don't know how you are incomplete without each other.It helps to go through daily life with a great life partner by your side. You are trying to slide the wardrobe door and without asking, he is there to do it for you. You are thinking of making ginger tea and he is there with the grater hidden under the gas stove.

This thing about not speaking but still understanding each other's needs- its amazing.It ought to come from the experience of previous lifetimes spent together.:)
I have started believing he is my soul mate.There are so many things I never expected a husband will do for me. Just the other day we were talking about karwachauth and he told me he could apply mehendi on my palms if I wished to. More than surprising me, it instigated the child in me to wonder what other great, unexpected things he could do. I asked him if he could highlight my hair with blond color with the "color at home" kit available at the market..the list would have gone on and on if I did not attach so much importance to his "Assistant Professor" tag.

Marvelous!! The word is not so much in fashion now, but it sure was when I was a kid..and that is how I will describe this conjugal bond of love and understanding.I wish us great Luck ahead!!!:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Honda Dio is my hubby's fav now :)

A frnd had inivited us so we went to Vasant Kunj..Later we went off to Secular House & had Cream of tomato soup, Veg hot garlic rice & Veg manchurian.Watched sm tele-serials 2gedr -it really ws so much fun-Devi, Kaashi,Do sahelian,Sasural Genda Phool & Taarak Mehta ka ulta chashma:)